Monday, 11 November 2013

13th Victim

This is the original music for the television pilot for Talk to Frank television series, filmed and edited by Bielecki & Bielecka, cast by MSFT Management and directed by Linzy Attenborough.

To be ready for December 2013.

Music by indie band Big Deazy.

Check it out!

We Just Know

A link to my spoken word Poetry Video for We Just Know

Talk to Frank Interview with Theatre and Performance magazine.

An interview I did with Theatre and Performance magazine after the opening night of Talk to Frank at The Etcetera Theatre.

Sunday Surgery

Here is a link to a video explaining what Sunday Surgery with MSFT Management is all about. All London based writers, actors and directors should check this out! I am in the video talking about Creature at the Crack of Dawn (my second play).

Talk to Frank

Here is a link to a 3 star review of Talk to Frank in the 2012 Camden Fringe festival.

The writing feels 'young and unashamed.'


Here is a link to my playella Eileen which has been developed into a full play and I am currently workshopping it with MSFT Management. It was included on Descent Theatre's blog in October.

Please have a read.

Sonnet to Bohemian Massala

Here is a link to my poem Sonnet to Bohemian Masala published on the Bar None Group website.

Please check it out!

Sunday Morning at St Pancras

Here is a link to my poem Sunday Morning at St Pancras published on the St Pancras official website

Please check it out!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

You Just Know

So we talk until our lips are numb,
And we lie, and we skag, and we let our minds run.
My arms tremble as I hold myself up,
My lips tremble as the sides curl up.

I narc out and I dream of you,
I know life wasn't what it seemed until I met you,
To know you to love you,
We stood shy and kissed and we both just knew.

Not even the sea can keep us apart,
Miles melt to inches within the beat of a heart.
When its cold I stand outside
And I smoke with you,

When you leave my heart breaks a little each time,
Weeks go by insignificant,
Till the days come and we say 'didn't time fly'
And once more lifes magnificent

I wear you like a back-pack
We fit like lego bricks
I think of you and my heart beats
And my throat sticks

I see you and it aches
And my face makes the silly face
That only lovers pull
And we just know

Because we just know.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Girl who Fell...again

A first touch of lips
Vodka and cigarette tips
She's the girl who fell

Give me...

Give me them looks
Them smiles for adoring
Give me them drinks
Them good times pouring

Give me them words
Give me them meanings
Take that distance
Give me them feelings

Give me a fluttering chest
A blood temp soaring
Dream through the ceiling
Give me them drawings

Take negative vibes
Bad times ignoring
Private joke sharing
Private part pawing

Give me a stolen look
Give me a beating heart
Give me a day together
Over a week apart