Thursday, 29 March 2012

Is Britain Broke?

Luton Town is very much a town.
As I look out from my window
The buildings don't so much headbutt the skyline as shy away from it
Negative stories fill national newspapers

From the Extreme to the Far Right
And Paddys Day gave us all a break
With some cultural positivity
But I still woke the next day with a head-ache

The town's not so much grey as multi-coloured
And as the High Street closes down
You can't help but frown when you hear rioters had to travel
To the next town for something worthwhile to rob

There was no looting in Luton
But the train got smashed up
By a mob, mashed up on cheap booze with nothing to lose
But a bag full of free stuff

Is Britain broken?
Because no one seems to be broke
They still watch widescreen T.V. and it must be a joke
Because no one is going cold turkey over a tax hike on hot food

Is Britain really broke?

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