Sunday, 12 February 2012


What's that sound? Applause...but not for me. Whoever heard of the slapping together of hands for big red lips? Or for two giant shoes perhaps, not even half-full. Perhaps I could live in one of those? But where then, I hear you ask would my tiny feet reside....Maybe I could stay with Bozo for a while? Or I heard Koko's parents are out of town. If only I hadn't upset good old gonzo. hy do clowns only hang around clown's? 'Stick to your own.' That's what my Dad always said. 'You were born a clown, from a long line of clown's and you'll die a clown.' At least other clown's don't laugh at me. That's the problem, no one laughs anymore. That's why I didn't get paid.

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