Monday, 13 February 2012


His long face was beginning to resemble the withered poinsettia he once cared so much for. His latest business venture had failed miserably. 'The future is online,' he told his wife. An online fortune telling business...who knew it wouldn't take off. She had actually laughed in his face when he told her.
It was her bloody idea to start his own business in the first place. He fingered the silver locket round  his neck containing her photo, and with the picture of her laughing face embedded in his mind, he ripped it off and threw it in a rage.
He walked over to the mirror and took a long look at his reflection. The auburn was growing out of his hair, and the grey roots were coming through thick and fast. He sighed as he saw the lap-top he was struggling to pay for in the reflection. He remembered happier days when he wasn't so bogged down with divorce settlements and computer payments and he had spare money for luxuries, hair dye being one.
He weighed up his options while he absent-mindedly sharpened a pencil. He was a recently divorced, middle aged man, with a failed online fortune telling business behind him, struggling to pay for a lap-top he didn't even want, and he had grey/auburn hair. Form an orderly que ladies.
An ironic smile crossed his lips, and he even almost laughed before driving the pencil straight into his eye, right through to his brain. He didn't worry anymore.

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