Monday, 13 February 2012

A devious Wife

As she looked at the ever-present bags under her eyes, she realised that her body clock was indeed ticking. If she listened hard enough, she was almost certain she could hear it. She sub-consciously put her hands tenderly to her belly and rubbed it. A smile crossed her lips as she remembered the bump that had made her so happy.The smile left, quicker than it came. That bump, or lack of, was now a constant threat to her marriage. The very dynamic of her family life had been turned upside down in the aftermath of that bump.
She hardly knew what to expect as she nervously blurted out,
'I'm late!'
They had been so happy together, they were a team. When he cheered and span her around so her feet were flying through the air her heart could have fluttered right out of her open mouth.
She wanted that feeling again. Now, it was him and her. She needed an ally. Is she even dared to open her mouth to her naughty daughter, the two of them would shout her down. The time for discussion was over.
'We have one perfect child, why would you want another one,' he would patronisingly reply.
It was time to restore the balance, to even up the teams, and most of all to be swept up and spun around in the arms of her happy husband again.
As she tipped her pills into the toilet, and pierced holes in her husbands condoms with a sewing needle she allowed herself to smile for the second time that evening. As she pictured her husband waving the condoms in her face and saying
'You can never be too careful!' she convulsed with laughter.

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