Sunday, 12 February 2012

A music loving dentist.

Nothing could possibly excite me more, than pulling a tooth to Beehoven's 9th. Oh wonderous joy! Is it the pulling of the tooth, a mere violent act. In silence, there is no art to it, it is just a job. Is it just the music? No, I can enjoy the music alone but it's just not enough. Coupled with the savage act of pulling a tooth from a person's mouth though it's a truly remarkable thing.
Just reaching into their mouth, toying with the tooth, tugging and twisting through the Allegra non troppo, um poco maestoso is enough to make any man go moist. 'We enter drunk with fire!' The stormy opening of the pianissimo over the string tremolos as battle commences!
I normally feel the tooth loosen as we move into the scherzo, and I compose in mid-air with my dental pliers. With a triumphant grunt, work must go on, and as I go back in the tooth begins to surrender.'Join in our jubilation!'
The third movement, the Adagio molto e cantabile. Oh, ode to joy, the lyrical soft movement comes in when it becomes evident that victory is imminent. I lessen my efforts to savour the moment of victory. 'Joyful, as a hero to victory!'
Finally, timed to perfection, victory is mine with the forth and final movement, and with the presto the tooth is pulled. I hold my trophy aloft to my dental light. A perfect whole tooth, pulled from a clean wound. 'Joy, beautiful spark of divinity!'
I love being a dentist!

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