Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tomato Head

The terrible story of tomato head,
Who gobbled tomatoes, ignoring what the doctor said
'you could be more careful, you eat them too fast,
Someone turned into a turnip the week before last!'
Joey wasn't ashamed and continued to scoff

What did the doc know? The silly old toff
One fateful day, he opened the fridge up
Filled with tomatoes from bottom to top
He scoffed and he stuffed his greedy chops
Not stopping for breath to bring his head up

When all of a sudden with a yelp and a yell
Joey's small head began to swell
The yell turned back into a yelp
For no one was even on hand to help!

It swelled and it swelled, and began to turn red
And filled dear Joey with absolute dread
From the top of his head, grew a green sprout
And poor Joey shouted out, his very last shout

It's going round and red and red and round
And no one sees as i sink to the ground
Now in came his brother for a tasty treat
A tomato is exactly what he wanted to eat

His eyes befell the big juicy fruit
Deliscious and bulging, unguarded to boot
His belly rumbled and he thought it was fate
He picked up poor Joey and ate and he ate

Now this disaster fills us all with dread
If silly Joey listened to what the doctor said
He wouldn't have turned into tomato head
And be in his brothers belly stone dead.

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